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Sourced from the Sea

Health Benefits of Seaweed

Seaweed is a Super Food

Seaweed is so good for us because it's packed with nutrients and is the most mineralised vegetable on earth containing all 56 elements essential for our health. Seaweed is unique in its ability to deliver these and all it takes is 1-2 teaspoons a day of Dulse, Shony or Kombu Seaweed which I use in my recipes. These are all from the sea in around the highlands. Our products are suitable for vegans and are gluten free.

Prepared by me, Flavoured by the Sea

Hello and welcome to my shop.

I have always enjoyed  creating something different for my family and this passion brought me back home to the East Neuk where there is an abundance of inspiration and local ingredients to fire my imagination.

I use a hand made stove-top method which creates smaller batches and produces preserves packed full of character and outstanding flavours. 

The shop is open all year round and there is always a freshly baked cake and a coffee to be had while browsing the store.

The Perfect Gift for Food Lovers

Our Gift Boxes

Savory Gift Box

Gift Box Selection

Small Gift Box

Each box contains

Stag oatcakes with seaweed

Jar Smoked Dulse n Apple

Jar Pineapple n Shony

Starfish n Gift Card

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Each box contains

2 Jars of Preserves

2 Jars of Chutney 

Starfish n Gift Card

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Each box contains

2 Jars of choice

Starfish n Gift Card

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Our shop is open all year Wed - Sun 11am - 5pm.

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53 James Street,




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